CMUK Shoes - Take On Your World Feet First

CMUK Shoes - Take On Your World Feet First
CMUKs (pronounced 'smook') are unique in that they are lightweight, barefoot ready, machine washable/dry-fast, fold nearly flat, vegan and have a heavy insole. All of this makes our shoes extremely versatile and the perfect city-going/travel companions. 
We have been described as the ultimate travel sidekick; whether you are exploring your hometown or traveling to the other side of the world, CMUK. encourages you to 'Take on Your World Feet First'. 
After our successful Kickstarter campaign, CMUK's partnered up with travel outfitters and retailers across North America and Europe. As soon CMUK's was launched, the host of Globetrekker TV (travel series on Travel Channel International and PBS) informed us that he would like to wear CMUKs on TV. 
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