He was the marbles champ of 92’

Eight-year-old king of the sidewalk games

He left hand was 2 fingers lighter

Fireworks he learned can be dangerous

His pockets sagged from the weight of his prizes

Today he’d show sleepy dad his little glass trophies

Maybe it will make him happy

Yesterday he was angry

So today Travis played with purple marks on his arms

But now was a time for celebration

Adorned with ring pops he walked proudly to his castle

At home he dropped the marbles on the floor

He wanted to hear the sound of his victories

The noise muffled the approaching footsteps

He only saw the fist when it came to embrace him

Tomorrow the sidewalk games will continue with new winners

But today we honor the marbles champ of 92’

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Plan B

plan-bPlan B

Dear last night’s pleasure,

Thank you for showing this mornings truth

Your love showed verification in currency, Lain by my bed side proof

Showed your urgency to spill of the next day pill.

No phone call of explanation

Just a text stating yo this is the deal.

The thrills between my legs lead you not to protect me

But the escape of future multiplying in my womb

Had you sprinting for your wallet so your future would be cool

Fucked my feelings as you proceeded to arrogant existence.

While I carry on the burden of what I could have been missing

My hearts bleeds from lies of loves professed with procession

This was no we resolution

You fucked, woke up, and then made the decision.

Hindering my vision

So you mean to tell me, you the one I considered?

Would never hurt me,

But desert me when it came to variety of deliverance.

Crimson proof of pain painted on panty lines

Proven lies you tried to hide

Temporary pleasure

Waking up to a sentence death before life

A nap for the seed you planted

You choir boy demeanor is slanted

A candid disrespectful act

I had it playing the part of your fool!

So P.S. goodbye to last nights groove


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I Am We by DeVonia Daniel

I Am We by DeVonia Daniel
He looked at me in amazement as though it was his first time seeing me,
and in my response I say,
Hello my name is peace, rest your feet.
My hands require the presence of your stress,
let me wipe the pavement of defeat,
stroke your foolish mishaps of rocky era,
fondle your blazing calves
and, allow my talent to compliment your lack of confidence .
Love, you are everything I need perfectly imperfect,
streaming through my main stream.
Your existence sustaining my addiction of expressions.
I repeat, rest your feet, I am love,
kneeling placing oil at your feet for guidance I pray,
satisfying your remains with cuisine that won’t make you stray.
Provide an open ear for private conversation, listing silently,
comforting your hurt of the worlds lies,
standing by your side come what may,
I am faithfully yours.
Hello I am we.
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My Blues Needs No Sing Along

My Blues Need No Sing AlongSong: You abandoned me love don’t live here anymore…….

Just a vacancy, love don’t live here anymore……..

My blues don’t require a sing along

It’s been battered since I was 7 and on.

First by the babysitters’ teenage fetus,

She cared more about the extra financing

then her off spring playing house in my adolescent territory.

While my innocence was taken

conviction settled in place.

For adult years would be full of sexual questioning

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Freedom by DeVonia Daniel

Freedom by DeVonia Daniel

I’m a fugitive to your worldly wants,

freed from your paranormal oppression.

My exception of your abusive love made your approach smug.

Have my worldly possessions,

that lost is his gain and glory.

Extensively you’ve attempted to forbid me from my freedom,

Sightless through mind control slaughtered my eternal soul

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Be Good by DeVonia Daniel

Be Good by DeVonia Daniel

Anticipation of your arrival got me flushed

Adolescent nervous,

Anxious of the nameless possibilities,

Tense speech cascade on deaf ears,

Dangerous territory of empty battle fields

Of hopeless promises to obey,

Please, be good.

Because I can’t guarantee that I will.

So don’t sit to close, or hug too tight,

Or stare at me with those eyes pleading for pleasure.

Because in minutes, maybe even seconds,

I’ll lose myself, in a brief fantasy

Of matted limbs perspiring to our own tempo

Shutters of long awaited satisfaction at ease.

Don’t smile, that handsome smile

Or articulate that profound twang that vibrates my frame.

Confines has been defined,

So for my sanity,

Please, I beg you, be good

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Lost & Never Found by DeVonia Daniel


It’s crazy how we used to be joined at the hip,

Knowing each other’s every move, sometimes every thought.

Now were lost in a superficial existence, unworthy of each other’s gaze,

The break up of our bond had nothing to do with the other.

Use to always hear, something’s aren’t meant for everyone to know,

but God and yourself, never knew what that meant until an experience hit me,

wish I didn’t tell anyone; God really had a plan.

But I couldn’t keep silent from fear and no faith in my heavenly father

and in the process lost my best friend, it wasn’t worth it but like say shit happens.

It’s horrible to think of it like that, but that’s the way you wanted it.

Tried to fight it, getting tired of everyone leaving me like I never existed,

but you chose to end it, use to think you were the friend that wasn’t going anywhere,

but just as quickly as you came you vanished like unworthy men who impregnate women

claiming I’m not that babes father.

It’s like our bond never happened.

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These Walls by DeVonia Daniel

brick-wallThese walls know my secrets,

My every come and go,

Late night ventures

Solo pleasures singing a duet of make believe

Of past blemish resurfacing

These walls know my secret of

Faceless names hummed in pleasure filled nights,

Peaceful sleep,

And smiling dreams of ecstasy.

God forbid they tell,

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Remind Me I'm A Woman by DeVonia Daniel

Remind Me I'm A Woman by DeVonia Daniel

You remind me I’m a woman,

Simply by the rise of my breast when you enter a room.

The warmth of my frame when you penetrate my psyche.

The numbing of lower lips responding to your aroma,

Deep uttered breaths warming the breeze,

The sway of your locks hypnotizing my good sense to reframe from laying in your peace.

Touches make me believe I’m the one and only.

Temporarily accepting deceit.

I taste your dialect eagerly, attempting to become a part of your DNA.

Your character lay in the folds of your lips, brightening my make up.

Gazing upon you, I’m reminded I am a woman.

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