Mickey Factz - Love.Lust.Lost.II (mixtape)

Mickey Factz - Love.Lust.Lost.II (Mixtape)

Mickey Factz returns, 3 months after his critically acclaimed release of 740 Park Avenue , with another mixtape entitled Love.Lust.Lost.II. With his love life over the past 3 years in mind, Mickey creates a conceptual body of work where a radio personality and DJ play Mickey's project live on-air during their mix show.
Featuring John Legend, Erykah Badu, Bianca Raquel and Lyriq from DTP, as well as production from Flying Lotus, Iman Omari, Atu, Blue, The Misfit. and others, Factz proves why his return to Hip Hop is still a mainstay. Enjoy the feeling of loving, lusting and losing with Mickey Factz and his new project!
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Mickey Factz - U (Q) (prod. Blue, The Misfit)

Mickey Factz - U (prod. Blue, The Misfit)

Mickey Factz is back with the first single off of Love.Lust.Lost.II entitled U (Q) artistically covers, with the blessings from the ever magnificent Erykah Badu, a man's devotion for the person he is engaged with. Art by Jeremy Biggers and mixing by John Stewart, Mickey cleverly maneuvers in and out of the song with ease off of the insane production from Blue The Misfit. Expect more from Mickey as he is set to embark on his tour as well as unveil his newest project entitled Love.Lust.Lost.II

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