R.I.K. - 2 Fast (Produced by YPHOENXIX)

R.I.K. - 2 Fast (Produced by YPHOENXIX)

R.I.K. is trying to Master the Art of Timing by not moving “2Fast” in making decisions that could possibly affect his future by remaining patient, and knowing that everything will eventually come into fruition when the timing is right. R.I.K. touches upon a common yet captivating topic in the world over YPhoenxix’s swift production that displays an example of why rushing in making vast decisions in life & always seeming to be in a hurry is never a wise decision, because it has the potential to bring about regrets, betrays a lack of control over yourself, and most definitely over time. “2Fast” serves as the first installment of the highly anticipated EP from R.I.K. & YPhoenxix entitled#RighteousXKinGEP, which will be set to release soon (TBA).

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