Justin Garner - Like There's No Tomorrow

Justin Garner - Like There's No Tomorrow

Justin Garner is an emerging Pop singer/songwriter from Baton Rouge, LAHe is one of the most original Pop/R&B artists of his time. So it just wouldn't be fair to call him a copycat… Unless you just so happen to be referring to MTV's new show "Copycat", because in that case, Justin is the ultimate copycat. Justin became the series' first ever winner by competing in the finale and defeating his opponent. With a landslide of audience votes, Justin sang and danced his way to victory. But that's just one of Justin's many victories. 

On Feb. 12, his album I Am had debuted on iTunes Japan R&B/Soul charts at #19. By the middle of that same day, it had surpassed Beyoncé's self-titled project to grab the #1 spot. "It speaks volumes when you have an entire country that believes in you and your music that much, to where you're number one," says Justin. "That in itself is just completely unbelievable." Check out his latest, "Like There's No Tomorrow". Enjoy!

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