Do You Boo, Do You.

Do You Boo, Do You.

I've always been a planner.  Which works out well since I plan things for a living.  Growing up, I had a plan.  By 21 I'd have completed my undergrad, been in law school, and engaged with a wedding at 22.  So I'm 28, and I completed only one of those things (and since I'm an event planner and single, let's go ahead and let you deduce which one of those things I did...).  And you know what I'm thankful for every day?  That my plan hasn't gone on schedule.  


Every day I see a new engagement or pregnancy announcement on Facebook.  And I love being able to support my friends who are doing those things.  But I'd like to make one thing clear, the fact that I'm not doing those things right now does not make me "behind" in the race of life.  The fact that I'm working on my career and myself first, by no means is something I say as an excuse for being single.  I don't need to hear, "You'll find him someday..." or "Your time will come." Bitch I know.  My time is NOW.  I know there's nothing wrong with me (I'm a catch, you're welcome), I know I put my career and myself first, and for me, I like that.  I like where I'm at, where I'm headed, and most importantly, I really like myself.  

Do I want the husband, 2.5 kids, the dog, and the house in suburbia?  Yes.  Would I eventually one day like to be able to stay home with my kids?  Yes.  Do I want that right now? NO.  Am I worried about being 28 and having a ticking clock? No.  When it's my time, when I'm ready, when I've checked off some of my other goals, I'll get there.  And it will be at the perfect time for ME.  

It's not about feminism, it's not about baggage, a phase, or making a statement.  It's about me.  And it's about making the most of this awesome experience so that I can be my best self before I take that leap to forever.  

So ladies (and gents), I applaud you if you are 21, married, and happy.  I applaud you if you're 42, single, and happy.  The point of it all, is be happy.   Not everyone has the same timeline and you shouldn't have to apologize or justify why you're on a different timeline than everyone on your Facebook.  I find that people who feel the need to push their lifestyle on you are ultimately trying to justify their decisions to someone else.  And because I'm doing what's best for ME and my happiness, I don't EVER feel the need to justify.  And I never will.  

At the end of the day, as my wise amazing and fiercely fabulous friend Courtney says: Do You Boo, Do you.  

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