Highs and the Lows


 Where are we that we see ourselves as present?

 Once a private realm ruled by manners and matters

Now a tragic community ruled by gossip and chatter

Needless to stay we must linger in the low to change

To bring sound to the profound silence of loneliness

A somber guilt from not logging into the masses

We’ve learned the facade of power

This power that makes powder sour

 Without the somber bell of happy hour

Money lost to feed the needs of addiction is chump change

So when chumps change their ways

It leads the rest to become our own dependents

So maybe we think about our choices

 Today we search the open sea looking for us

Amongst the waves that crave our allegiance

Amongst the deep ocean, where others are coasting

Smoking and choking and amongst the nicotine steam

We dream of understanding our situation

But where are we in this nation?

We hear voices echo when they employ the help of hate

Tragic how projection and denial are the best highs we feel

So we puff puff pass it on until we pass out or away

Until we have nothing left




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