Connor Cassidy - Retro City

Connor Cassidy - Retro City
Boston, MA artist Connor Cassidy presents a hip-hop/trap record, a new style that Connor has been embracing entitled "Retro City". This is one that describes his state of mind as an artist in vivid detail. The record has a very aggressive, new-school sound that emphasizes lyrical content over LoudPvcks trap/dub-like production. 
The wolf of the cover art is the symbol for the lone wolf, which is the aura  he carries as an artist. He plans to break free from the crowd while standing true to his character, aiming to become Hip-Hop's lone wolf of the game. Retro City  is the 2nd single off his upcoming free-album: Peace of Mind. This project revolves around my own pursuit of happiness, with the aim of helping those who listen on theirs. 
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