Poetic Expressions by Devonia E. Daniel

Remind Me I'm A Woman by DeVonia Daniel

Remind Me I'm A Woman by DeVonia Daniel

You remind me I’m a woman,

Simply by the rise of my breast when you enter a room.

The warmth of my frame when you penetrate my psyche.

The numbing of lower lips responding to your aroma,

Deep uttered breaths warming the breeze,

The sway of your locks hypnotizing my good sense to reframe from laying in your peace.

Touches make me believe I’m the one and only.

Temporarily accepting deceit.

I taste your dialect eagerly, attempting to become a part of your DNA.

Your character lay in the folds of your lips, brightening my make up.

Gazing upon you, I’m reminded I am a woman.

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Loving you is easy

Loving you is easy


You make loving you easy

The feel of the morning breeze

Assures me

You real, you’re real, you are real

Director of creation

Everything is beautifully made

By your hand, and imagination. 

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