Poetic Expressions by Devonia E. Daniel



Just this once I wish you would admit it,

You need me.

Don’t you remember?

 I’m that curved bone that house the vital organ in your backbone

Equipped for you by God.

I am motivation to your purpose, even when they fail.

I lay your insecurities on my bosom, enduring your mistakes and birth them contentment.

And as a women yes, I have a lot to say.

Yet my giving is endless.

I labor your children, while stomaching our poverty, and swallowing endless burdens.

My nervous laughter shelters the screams of disappointment

And maps out the escape plan from your mess up 

I sing the song of responsibilities while you stride the day’s shadow on broken pavement

And,  baby when you return,

I open my arms gladly with forgiveness and rest a smile on my beautiful face

While tears release displeasure and purify my sprit to do it all over again.

and gain, and just one more time until you realize you need me.


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