Poetic Expressions by Devonia E. Daniel

Plan B

plan-bPlan B

Dear last night’s pleasure,

Thank you for showing this mornings truth

Your love showed verification in currency, Lain by my bed side proof

Showed your urgency to spill of the next day pill.

No phone call of explanation

Just a text stating yo this is the deal.

The thrills between my legs lead you not to protect me

But the escape of future multiplying in my womb

Had you sprinting for your wallet so your future would be cool

Fucked my feelings as you proceeded to arrogant existence.

While I carry on the burden of what I could have been missing

My hearts bleeds from lies of loves professed with procession

This was no we resolution

You fucked, woke up, and then made the decision.

Hindering my vision

So you mean to tell me, you the one I considered?

Would never hurt me,

But desert me when it came to variety of deliverance.

Crimson proof of pain painted on panty lines

Proven lies you tried to hide

Temporary pleasure

Waking up to a sentence death before life

A nap for the seed you planted

You choir boy demeanor is slanted

A candid disrespectful act

I had it playing the part of your fool!

So P.S. goodbye to last nights groove


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