Poetic Expressions by Devonia E. Daniel

I Am We by DeVonia Daniel

I Am We by DeVonia Daniel
He looked at me in amazement as though it was his first time seeing me,
and in my response I say,
Hello my name is peace, rest your feet.
My hands require the presence of your stress,
let me wipe the pavement of defeat,
stroke your foolish mishaps of rocky era,
fondle your blazing calves
and, allow my talent to compliment your lack of confidence .
Love, you are everything I need perfectly imperfect,
streaming through my main stream.
Your existence sustaining my addiction of expressions.
I repeat, rest your feet, I am love,
kneeling placing oil at your feet for guidance I pray,
satisfying your remains with cuisine that won’t make you stray.
Provide an open ear for private conversation, listing silently,
comforting your hurt of the worlds lies,
standing by your side come what may,
I am faithfully yours.
Hello I am we.
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