Poetic Expressions by Devonia E. Daniel



I want to meet you in the rain And romanticize that we’re exposed Using each other as frame of waterproof crust We’re in the park; no let’s do the beach So while we rest on the sand The tides bathe our sins away Kisses plunder time So let’s grip this moment Be one with me It’s ok; enter my region of ecstasy As we move in spiral motion Slow thrust, fill my walls Send lush waves up my spine Our gaze become dilated We are a crown of moving waves With indistinguishable moans Sanctioning the downpour and the breeze to mantle our nudity We are intense in an ever-intensifying sequence of desire

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Just this once I wish you would admit it,

You need me.

Don’t you remember?

 I’m that curved bone that house the vital organ in your backbone

Equipped for you by God.

I am motivation to your purpose, even when they fail.

I lay your insecurities on my bosom, enduring your mistakes and birth them contentment.

And as a women yes, I have a lot to say.

Yet my giving is endless.

I labor your children, while stomaching our poverty, and swallowing endless burdens.

My nervous laughter shelters the screams of disappointment

And maps out the escape plan from your mess up 

I sing the song of responsibilities while you stride the day’s shadow on broken pavement

And,  baby when you return,

I open my arms gladly with forgiveness and rest a smile on my beautiful face

While tears release displeasure and purify my sprit to do it all over again.

and gain, and just one more time until you realize you need me.


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A Sinners Plea


I wash my linen when he leaves,

trying to escape realities existence.

Faint smells of yester-nights sins

mocking my repenting for forgiveness.

Comforter, sheets, pillow casings

Carry my wicked desires,

Pleaded for, over lonesome moments.

I take advantage of his willingness to stroke my womb

And indulge in the rapture of his brief companionship,

In the possibility of clutched frames.

I bath for hours to kill his stench while hot water skulls the musk from my frame.

Yet water rejects craving to evaporate his nectar dormant within.

My thoughts consume me

I wonder if the father forgives me…..

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Plan B

plan-bPlan B

Dear last night’s pleasure,

Thank you for showing this mornings truth

Your love showed verification in currency, Lain by my bed side proof

Showed your urgency to spill of the next day pill.

No phone call of explanation

Just a text stating yo this is the deal.

The thrills between my legs lead you not to protect me

But the escape of future multiplying in my womb

Had you sprinting for your wallet so your future would be cool

Fucked my feelings as you proceeded to arrogant existence.

While I carry on the burden of what I could have been missing

My hearts bleeds from lies of loves professed with procession

This was no we resolution

You fucked, woke up, and then made the decision.

Hindering my vision

So you mean to tell me, you the one I considered?

Would never hurt me,

But desert me when it came to variety of deliverance.

Crimson proof of pain painted on panty lines

Proven lies you tried to hide

Temporary pleasure

Waking up to a sentence death before life

A nap for the seed you planted

You choir boy demeanor is slanted

A candid disrespectful act

I had it playing the part of your fool!

So P.S. goodbye to last nights groove


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I Am We by DeVonia Daniel

I Am We by DeVonia Daniel
He looked at me in amazement as though it was his first time seeing me,
and in my response I say,
Hello my name is peace, rest your feet.
My hands require the presence of your stress,
let me wipe the pavement of defeat,
stroke your foolish mishaps of rocky era,
fondle your blazing calves
and, allow my talent to compliment your lack of confidence .
Love, you are everything I need perfectly imperfect,
streaming through my main stream.
Your existence sustaining my addiction of expressions.
I repeat, rest your feet, I am love,
kneeling placing oil at your feet for guidance I pray,
satisfying your remains with cuisine that won’t make you stray.
Provide an open ear for private conversation, listing silently,
comforting your hurt of the worlds lies,
standing by your side come what may,
I am faithfully yours.
Hello I am we.
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