Soul Sensation K'Jon

Soul Sensation K'Jon
K’Jon is best known for his #1 hit single “On the Ocean” from his 2009 debut full length major album “I Get Around”, which debuted at #1 on the R&B album charts! According to the New York Times, K’Jon’s album was “One of the years most promising albums, and also one of its least expected.” The album was so well received nationwide that K’Jon was nominated for the Best New Artist category at the 2010 NAACP Image Awards!
K’Jon’s smash single “On the Ocean” set a record for having the longest running single on Billboard’s Hot R&B /Hip Hop song which was 75 weeks, surpassing platinum selling artist Mary J Blige’s single “Be Without You”. With a compilation of soul infused ballads, this album is the epitome of class and passion which is why Billboard listed it as one of the Top 50 R&B albums of 2009…these are undoubtedly noteworthy accomplishments!
While K’Jon is in the works of completing his sophomore album due late summer, he is currently promoting his third mix tape “K’Jon Presents: Nick Speed and the Detroit Connect” which features local hip hop artists and singers from his hometown of Detroit.

Location: Detroit, MI

Contact: Twitter | Youtube

kjon whitejacketUrbanSteez: So K’Jon tell us where you’re from and the journey you took to get to where you are at right now?

K’Jon: I’m from Detroit.  It took me from working a 9 to 5 while recording demos to getting laid off when at the time I was  expecting my first born, to getting a call from New York and working with industry talents, to returning home to Detroit and getting my label off the ground while working a song called, “On The Ocean” ,which eventually led me to my current situation as a national recording artist.

UrbanSteez: You have an amazing “Cool Relax” voice!  Did you anticipate the success you had with your hit song,“ On the Ocean”? Please explain, what inspired that song?

K’Jon: First of all, thank you for the compliment.  I don’t think anyone would ever imagine that “On The Ocean” would claim the longest charting song in Billboards history for an R&B record while surpassing Mary J. Blige’s “Be Without You”.  Second, the lyrics were inspired by my struggles to be a provider for my family; in particular my daughter at the time.

UrbanSteez: Yea man, I kept hearing that song on the radio like man who is this dude! It definitely was a hit out here in the Bay Area. I can definitely relate! Being in a music industry in which musical talents these days don’t actually have the gift to sing( voice enhanced technology), how has that affected a gifted singer such as yourself in the music industry, positive and negative?

K’Jon: Well, the vo-coder or voice enhanced technology has been used for quite some time; in particular Roger Zapp made it popular in his days…, however it now has become somewhat a popular thing to do in songs in our current time.  True, you may never get a chance to appreciate ones true singing abilities while utilizing this feature, it has become popular amongst the younger generation while irritating the “ol skool” music lovers, lol!  But just like the hip hop movement over the years, I feel it is definitely here to stay.

UrbanSteez: Well said. Who do you wish to collaborate musically in the future with and why

K’Jon: Everyone! But I would enjoy a collab with the legends of the game like Charlie Wilson, Babyface, Frankie Beverly, Jay Z, Ludacris and/or the “new skool” like Drake, Jasmine Sullivan, Jennifer Hudson and Kerry Hilson; just to name a few.  They are just incredible performers/singers and I want to learn from them while working with them.

UrbanSteez: You and Jasmine Sullivan , “OooWee”!! I think that would be the business… Do you have favorite experience you had thus far in your musical career?

K’Jon: Yes! Coming to know that Michael Jordan loves my music and that he inspires me to be the best because he is the best.  I had blast performing for him at his party during NBA All Star Weekend in Dallas (2010).

UrbanSteez:  I can imagine! That’s wassup! So,what’s next for you?

K’Jon: Currently I’m finishing up my movie in Detroit. I’m also in the studio for round two on the sophomore album under Universal Republic and I’m launching various artists under my label, Up&Up Records. I’m extremely excited for the music coming out of our camp.

UrbanSteez: Yessir, us fans can’t wait to hear more. Where can fans reach you and get a hold of your music? (website, email, etc.)

K’Jon: – – –

UrbanSteez: Any final words you will like to say to your fans and readers?

K’Jon: I would like to thank all of my fans who supported the “I Get Around” album and the previous music I presented on the independent level.  I was also touched to hear and read their testimonies as a result of the impact of “On The Ocean”. I’m looking forward to seeing them again on the 2nd “go round”.

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