Soul Sensation Glori

Soul Sensation Glori
Born in suburban Lake County, IL, Glori gained an inspiration for writing early on. She began writing poetry of love, and politics, which later turned into song during her high school years. Not so much influenced by popular music, but that of a more non commercial focus with artists such as Talib Kweli, Jill Scott, Common, Mos Def and others, Glori feels her ultimate goal is to connect with people, and garner them to understand and feel her point of views including love and life. Concluding her high school years, Glori connected with then local producer "Soundtrakk" of North Chicago, IL, and began her first set of studio recordings as a hobby, while unknowingly; both were perfecting a craft that would lead towards a path of success.
The completion of her latest single, "She Don’t Have To Know" since has reached over a million digital plays via social networking and digital radio/music/media sites, as well as being performed at Actress Lisa Raye's birthday bash, Navy Pier Chicago, Riverdale Marina, College of Lake County and more. In 2009, video for the hit single hit the web, under direction of local video guru Alvin "Scholar" Elmore, and to date, has reached heights of over 25k views via YouTube. With no commercial radio effort, "She Don’t Have To Know", a tale of love and controversy, has made its way to reach, connect, and inspire millions worldwide.

Location: Midwest, IL

Contact: Twitter | Facebook 

431774 686522747695 1714377853 nUrban Steez: Tell everybody your name and what area you represent?

My name is Jonelle Glori Goods and I am reppin the entire Midwest!!

Urban Steez: How long have you been doing music and what made you get into music?

Glori: I have been writing since I was 11 years old and I have been recording since I was 16. I got into music because I always felt like it was what I was best at.

Urban Steez: How would you describe your style and why? And what do you feel you can bring to the table as an artist?

Glori: I feel like I definitely have the drive and ambition to work hard and achieve many of the things that aspiring artists dream of.

Urban Steez: What do you feel is the biggest challenge you face being an artist?

Glori: I would have to say the toughest thing about being an artist is being at the right places at the right time and pleasing the potential fans. Staying relevant.

Urban Steez: Yea marketing yourself will always be a challenge until you become a household name. Who would you want to collaborate with in the music industry and why?

Glori: I would love to collaborate with many artists but If I had name a few I would have to say Nikki Minaj because she has crazy charisma and flavor, Drake because he has a sexy flow and killer swag, Andre 3000 because he's the “bee's knees” and Neptunes cause everything they touch is golden like midas..

Urban Steez: Lol I like that, “Golden Like Midas”… What are you working on now and when can fans expect to hear more from you?

Glori: I am working on a really hot project. It will be beyond ready by January 2011!! In the meantime I need everyone to support the single She Don't Have To Know that I am pushing.. See Video.

Urban Steez: Hot single by the way!! You was a lil devious lil sumthin in that video lol.. Where do you see yourself a year from now?

Glori: A year from now you guys will be doing an exclusive update on how I blew up in a year!! :)

Urban Steez: Gotta come back and do the “Look at me NOW” exclusive… Who and what are your influences?

Glori: Life experience is my influence...whether it's mine or the people around me.

Urban Steez: What do you think of the hip hop/ music world right now?

Glori: I think that hip hop is constantly evolving and that there is so much talent amongst us in the hip hop world..

Urban Steez: What music do you have playing in your sound system right now?

Glori: I have everything from Musiq Soulchild in my Ipod...I don't discriminate.. as long as it's good music..

Urban Steez: Niiiiiiice! Who is your celebrity crush?

Glori: My celebrity crush is and always will be Pharrell Williams...

Urban Steez: How can business heads and fans contact you in the future (myspace, email, number, etc.)?

Glori: I can be added on and  Glori.
I can be found on twitter at
Glori "She Don'T Have To Know" Youtube

for booking contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or call 888-315-7199 or 312-725-8442

Urban Steez: Damn, lol you put it ALL out there! Any shot outs?

Glori: I would love to shout out my management team, Sv Entertainment, Inc, my makeup artist Chavon Hamilton and the Goods family...the entire Midwest and last but not least Urban Steez for showing me some love!!!

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