Dope Lyricist Outasight

Dope Lyricist Outasight
Is an emerging talent in the hip-hop scene. He has opened for such major artists as Me'Shell Ndegeocelloand Dead Prez at New York's SOB's .He also rocked at the 2007 Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival where major label artists such as Emily King, Ghostface Killah, Skills, and Consequence performed. Outasight first stepped onto the scene when his song, "New York, New York" was featured on a debuting MTV Show (PowerGirls) and his music has graced the airwaves of major campus radio stations across the country. In 2007, NYC's 90.3 City College Radio's highest rated Hip Hop Show (Hosted by Video Music Box's Kevin Lawrence)named Outasight "Best Urban Alternative Artist."
Since the September 25th release of his Employee of the Year EP, Outasight has recieved press from Giant Magazine, Concrete,, Brooklyn Bodega, Hip Hop Remix, The Deli Magazine, to name a few. The EP in less than 6 months time receive 12,000 downloads and Outasight's myspace page in just one year has garnered over 130,000 plays and 15,000 friends.
Blending a strong combination of on point emceeing, creative melodies, and soulful vocals, Outasight aims to bring music to a whole new place while drawing inspiration from his past.

Location: Yonkers, NY


outasightglasses1Urbansteez: Tell us your name, and what area do you represent?

Outasight: The name is Outasight (aka Richard Andrew) and I'm a born and bred a Yonkers New York Native.

Urbansteez: How long have you been pursuing a career in the music industry?

Outasight: I have been seriously involved now in the music industry for  just over a year and a half...I have always done music, but to say seriously involved to me means making serious strides to makethis dream into a reality...

Urbansteez: What were you into before music?

Outasight: Well, I've always been into music, but I played a lot of sports growing up (mainly baseball and basketball).  Grew up a big sports fan too, still am, especially basketball, although my favorite team (the Knicks) is horrible.

Urbansteez: As an artist how would you describe your style and why?

Outasight: I've been getting this question a lot...I would say my style is a cross hibernation of melodic soul and good energy hip hop.  Not like positive conscious hip hop, but good feeling, enjoyen your day hip hop...The sound is an original one for sure...

Urbansteez: I can dig that!! If you had your pick which label to be signed to, which label would it be and why?

Outasight: Eh, Im not in a position to single out one label, but I will say this, I am willing to work with a label who shares the vision that I do for my music, which is to make it something way bigger than me...I'm talking global....I am willing to work with a label who will not attempt to comprimise or adjust my sound for the simple fact no one sounds like me....I am also willing to work with a label who does those 2 things and gets my money right...ahahah ya know......

Urbansteez: Lol, anybody can relate to that...Who in your future would you want to collaborate with and why?

Outasight: This is a good question.  I had to really think about it, really because Im not a big time collab guy, but  doing a track with Kanye or Talib Kweli would be pretty dope. If  I could go back in time, Id love to sing a hook on a Tribe song, like, out of nowhere, shit would be fresh....Also, if Alicia wants me to rap 16 on her next single, Im available, just me up...haha.

Urbansteez: That's wassup! What are you working on now, and when can we expect to hear more of you?

Outasight: Every monday I drop a new song on Its called the Monday Morning Drop and each song is also available for download too.  I also released an EP in late September that is downloadable via my page.  Basically we feel right now getting out music is more important than trying to make a dollar here dollar there on sellin stuff as an unknown artist.  The plan has really worked too, as I have increased my exposure by a whole bunch and have more fans than ever.  Thanks to all those who continue to make the Monday Morning Drop a success!!!

Urbansteez: Every Monday people go check that space out!! Who are your influences?

Outasight: Stevie Wonder, Mos Def, Marvin Gaye,The Beatles, Lauryn Hill, D'Angelo (especially Voodoo), Talib Kweli, Bob Dylan, Wu Tang Clan aint nothing to fuck with, J. Dilla, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, A Tribe Called Quest.....I can go on for days......

Urbansteez: What do you think of the hip hop / music world right now?

Outasight: I think its OK.   There is a lot of talent out there.  Still, there are a lot of issues.  The major music industry don't know what they doing right now.  Point blank.  Also, with all the mediums for an artist to present themselves, now more than ever an independent artist can be successful.  I wouldn't want to be scouting talent right now, just think of how many pages one would have to go through!  Still the labels keep putting out some BS, but whatever, real talent will shine through and no matter what's being played on the radio there is dope music to be found on my myspace page...

Urbansteez: Yessir!! So what will you do with your first royalty check?

Outasight: Loft Apartment.  Downtown Manhattan. See you there.

Urbansteez: When you make it big, what car will you first purchase?

Outasight: Imma be the first rapper with 20 inch rims on a Prius.  Go Green people.  No more Hummers please!!!!

Urbansteez: The Prius must be the S*%t low key that's the second time I heard that lol!!! What's in your sound system right now?

Outasight: Well I got my ipod hooked up in ride, but Ive been bumpen the new Erykah Badu, the new Rick Ross, J. Dilla's Welcome to Detroit, and John Legend's Once Again (I just got into it really)...

Urbansteez: How can fans contact you in the future (myspace, email, PO box, etc.)??

Outasight: Website

Urbansteez: ANY SHOT OUTS???

Outasight: Shout Outs to T. Mac, Dre Bond, Print, Dante Lewis, DJ 2burbs, Yatta Mayjour, Daily Grind, and my all myspacers out there who be hitten me up!!!Peace and Love!!!

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