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New Regime is brand co-founded by Setiz Taheri and Freddy Lloyd in December 2008. The brand emerges from Montreal which is where NR got its diverse influences. After a few collections as a hired graphic designer Koku Awuye also became part owner of the company. The goal of the brand has been to grow, expand and evolve and it plans on continuing to do so by delivering bigger, better and fresher clothes. TWO HAMMERS!!

Location: Montreal, Canada | Website

new-regime-annieUrban Steez: Tell us your name and how you came up with the name for your clothing line?

We are New Regime, Co- founded and co-owned byFreddy Lloyd, Setiz Taheri and also owned by graphic designer Koku Awuye. The "New Regime" is the result of many weeks of brainstorming, texting back and forth, calling each other to propose random and finally Setiz came up with Classic Regime and I then answered: why not New Regime Logo. That's how he explains the story, I personally dont really remember! I have horrible memory so I go with it also! 

Urban Steez: So when and how did you get started?

New Regime: We started it Dec 08. We first came up with a name and then after he started experiencing with illustrator, setiz came up with our logo. We then began to plan out and design our first collection and had our first shoot  in a friend's model loft which he was selling at the time. and the rest is history

Urban Steez: Nice, so what’s  the concept behind your designs?

New Regime: At first it was more about images and slogans that represented us or our everyday lives. After a few collections we decided to focus more on building our brand and making the two hammers recognizable. We're trying to build a timeless urban brand.

Urban Steez: Is there a specific group of people that you are trying to grab if so explain?

New Regime: We are aware that many different types of people will wear our clothes but the ones we want to attract are the trend setters, the individuals, the ones who fashionably stand out.

Urban Steez: I can dig it. What can we expect from your clothing line in the future?

New Regime: Different types of pieces, 1 of 1 items, more accessories. More of a complete brand.

Urban Steez: What are your influences or inspiration behind your designs?

New Regime: Life! Everything around us should have an impact, we are building a lifestyle brand therefore we must be influenced by many different things.

Urban Steez: What do you feel separates your line from the rest?

New Regime: Our commitment to continually evolve and to become the best. Never being satisfied with our accomplishments is what will always keep us hungry.

Urban Steez: That’s wassup! Give us a few fashion tips than can be useful?

New Regime: Don't be scared to step outside of your comfort level. 

Dress to impress shouldn't only be a dress code it should be a motto. 

Buying timeless items is great for your closet.  

Urban Steez: Good stuff! Give us one major “fashion NO-NO”?

New Regime: Over matching colors!

Urban Steez: Lol yea some people get carried away, I’m talking all the way down to the socks… What have you learned being an up and coming line, Good and Bad?

New Regime: It will take time. You can't depend on friends to buy your product so don't expect their support, sell them your product with good marketing and promo. Build your brand identity in order to have a direction. Don't order from manufacturers in china during the Chinese New Year or from pakistan during Ramadan (laughs) .

Urban Steez: Lol...Good deal! What is the best way to get a hold of your threads?

New Regime: They are available online at or in the various shops mention on our website

Urban Steez: Every Clothing line usually has a “motto” or a “saying” that represents their clothing line, what is yours?

New Regime: We don't really have one but the one that seems to be fitting is : C'est la vie! Too many have used before so we're still working on it.

Urban Steez: Any additional words you like to say to your supporters?

New Regime: We're grateful for your support but what we really want is your respect. 


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