Half Moon Half Cheese - 2014 Cap Collection

Half Moon Half Cheese - 2014 Cap Collection
Half Moon Half Cheese is a London based fashion brand specialising in striped corduroy caps varying in different colours and tones. The caps are packaged in cheese inspired tubs to go with the brand theme. 'Half Moon Half Cheese' is a mind state, A balance between logic and imagination. 


Half Moon Half CheeseUrban Steez: How did you came up with the name for your accessory line?

Half Moon Half Cheese is mind state, A balance between logic and imagination. Inspired from the saying that many have heard –‘The moon is made out of cheese’so the name is drawing inspiration from that. Using this ethos through the product and visuals behind each product.

Urban Steez: So when and how did you get started?

HMHC: I wanted to create fashion brand from my younger days, So I always felt it was something I would enjoy but funds were low at the time so I just left it. Then I got into videography and I love the creative aspect most. But even then I couldn’t be 100% creative, as I always had to answer to someone. So I decided to create a brand that matched that ethos and used it as creative platform for me to be 100% creative.

Urban Steez: Nice. What is the concept behind your designs?

HMHC: My approach to the designs were organic, I knew I wanted to make something timeless. So I stayed away from any current trends –So decided to draw inspiration from elements that were timeless so I knew stripes would fit that, as it’s a design that is always coming back in season plus I wanted something mature and stylish and created that. Using this as a stamp for ‘Half Moon Half Cheese’. I creating a design patent to ensure that it’s recognised as a HMHC Cap. I wanted to be the first and only bringing these color tones and designs to headwear.

The HMHC Tubs are inspired by traditional cheese tub that expensive cheese comes with. I thought this would be a dope concept to match the brand name and fuel the idea - ‘Food for thought’

Urban Steez: Dope, the tubs are a nice touch. Is there a specific group of people that you are trying to grab if so explain?

HMHC: If I had to say a specific group, I would want to grab people who are in creative fields. I wanted a HMHC cap to be mind state so when people wear the cap they approach tasks in a creative way, not to say it gives them special powers or anything. Just an item of clothing that can be perceived in a deeper context.

Urban Steez: I love the creative approach to your brand. What can we expect from your accessory line in the future?

HMHC: Half Moon Half Cheese would like to keep creating caps using the original striped design, expanding to different shapes and styles such as 6 panel caps and flat back caps. Plans are to create different garments also but expand to levels to design furniture and events.

Urban Steez: What are your influences or inspiration behind your designs?HMHC2

HMHC: For the packaging, it’s a clear reference to traditional cheese tubs but modernized with a HMHC twist.

In terms of design I would have to reference French cafes that are often seen in movies, which are very elegant and classy. That was the essence I wanted to create with the caps - look wise.

I decided to release 3 caps at a time and that was a reference to the classic Pokemon game. At the start where you would have a choice of 3 primary Pokemon and you had to chose one.

Urban Steez: I can dig that! I like how every cap has a theme. What do you feel separates your line from the rest?

HMHC: Half Moon Half Cheese approach towards advertising visuals and garment itself is unique to anything seen really. Creating visuals and concepts for each product creates a vibe with each cap.  I think the creative aspect behind the brand is a strong point, but as well as being creative having depth and meaning behind the brand ethos is something to be explored.

Urban Steez: Give us a few fashion tips than can be useful?

HMHC: I’m not really the one to be given fashion tips lol. But I would say wear what you feel. Enjoy color, enjoy different styles, enjoy something because of its imperfections. Like for example, with me. I really don’t like fresh out the box trainers. I prefer trainers that are bit worn out and got a bit of character. So yeah anything that floats your boat and your comfortable in will always work!

Urban Steez: Give us one major “fashion NO-NO”?

HMHC: Most likely flare jeans –you have to be so fresh to pull those off. Only a few can. If you do then a standing ovation is needed!

Urban Steez: LOL, I agree 100%. Flares is hard to pull off... What have you learned being an up and coming line, Good and Bad?

HMHC: I find the most difficult thing is to get out there. I feel a lot blogs only post brands that are well established so it’s about working towards that but in your own way. I knew from the beginning it would be difficult but if I keep producing dope content then everything will happen and rightly too.

Urban Steez: What is the best way to get a hold of your threads?

HMHC: The best way to purchase products is via the official website: www.halfmoonhalfcheese.com

Small boutiques and stores around London but this is rare.

HMHC3Urban Steez: Might just have to cop me a hat. Every Clothing line usually has a “motto”or a “saying”that represents their clothing line, what is yours?

HMHC: We don’t have a motto or an official tag line. The brand name is sort of one. Just understanding the power of imagination and logic. Being creative and looking at things in a different perceptive.

Urban Steez: Good deal. Name your favorite designer brand currently or growing up, and why?

HMHC: Growing up I would say Nintendo, I know that’s not a fashion brand but I really love the brand Nintendo growing up. I always felt as a brand they were trendsetters and always had a cool look about each console and of course all the games are classics.

Urban Steez: Any additional words you like to say to your supporters?

Thanks for your support, Only just started so I’m humbled by anyone supporting. I really appreciate it. Keep striving for your goals. Special thanks to UrbanSteez for showing love! 

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