CMUK Shoes - Take On Your World Feet First

CMUK Shoes - Take On Your World Feet First
CMUKs (pronounced 'smook') are unique in that they are lightweight, barefoot ready, machine washable/dry-fast, fold nearly flat, vegan and have a heavy insole. All of this makes our shoes extremely versatile and the perfect city-going/travel companions. 
We have been described as the ultimate travel sidekick; whether you are exploring your hometown or traveling to the other side of the world, CMUK. encourages you to 'Take on Your World Feet First'. 
After our successful Kickstarter campaign, CMUK's partnered up with travel outfitters and retailers across North America and Europe. As soon CMUK's was launched, the host of Globetrekker TV (travel series on Travel Channel International and PBS) informed us that he would like to wear CMUKs on TV. 

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CMUK. ShoesUrban Steez: Tell us your name and how you came up with the name for your accessory line?
Shaun Kremin, My partner in Australia is Slovakian and our shoes encapsulate the foot like a Kiss.
CMUK is the sounds of a kiss in Slovak.
Urban Steez: So when and how did you get started?
Shaun: One year ago on kickstarter. We were successfully funded.
Urban Steez: What is the concept behind your designs?
Shaun: To create a true urban walking/travel shoe. A product with true versatility. To be worn at work, a nice cafè or even to the beach. Most sneakers have very thick outsoles, but ours are very thin to maintain the versatility.
Urban Steez: Is there a specific group of people that you are trying to grab if so explain?
Shaun: The explorer, whether in their hometown or traversing the world. Our shoes can take you from a light morning jog along the beach, commuting to work on a bicycle, to drinks at a bar, to a nice meal at a café. The idea is true versatility.
Urban Steez: What can we expect from your accessory line in the future?
Shaun: More travel focus products.
Urban Steez: What are your influences or inspiration behind your designs?
Shaun: Italian design...our designer is based in Milan.
Urban Steez: What do you feel separates your line from the rest?
Shaun: We are the only lightweight, barefoot ready, machine washable, dry fast, vegan, fold flat, fashionable, shoes!
Urban Steez: Give us a few fashion tips than can be useful?
Shaun: Wear sneakers without socks and cuff your pants a little to show some ankle. 
Urban Steez: Give us one major “fashion NO-NO”?
Shaun: A nish nish...turtle necks, the just don't look good.
Urban Steez: What have you learned being an up and coming line, Good and Bad?
Shaun: Relationships are very important. You need to continue to make connections and partner with other brands and more retailers.
Urban Steez: What is the best way to get a hold of your threads?
Urban Steez: Every Clothing line usually has a “motto” or a “saying” that represents their clothing line, what is yours?
Shaun: Take on Your World Feet First. Anytime, Anywhere. CMUK.
Urban Steez: Name your favorite designer brand currently or growing up, and why?
Shaun: Armani, he started as a clerk at La Rinascente department store in Milan. He worked extremely hard to get where he is today. The focus on clean lines and light, superior materials is very modern.
Urban Steez: Any additional words you like to say to your supporters?
Shaun: Please let us know how you will use our shoes.

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