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With fashion trending every year it was only right to create a platform for independent designers around the world. Urban Steez is looking for creative individuals that want to make a difference in the fashion world. We understand that fashion is a huge influence in culture, attitude, perception, and energy. We want to showcase creative fashion designers with trendsetting aspirations. We embrace talent and are open to all that meet those requirements. If interested in being featured click here.

1: Face Watch
Written by Urbansteez
1-face-watch   The watch has a thick silicone band that comes in six different colors, each representing its own cause. The mirrored face of the watch displays...
K1x Shorty 2012
Written by Urbansteez
k1x-fashions-2013 K1X Shorty can be called the "little sister" of K1X. K1X was started in 1993 in Munich, Germany and is now one of the big names in basketball and...
BucketFeet 2013
Written by Urbansteez
bucketfeet-2013 BucketFeet was founded when two creative, travel-obsessed young men met while volunteering in the slums of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  In that...
New Regime Clothing 2012
Written by Urbansteez
new-regime-clothing-2012 New Regime is brand co-founded by Setiz Taheri and Freddy Lloyd in December 2008. The brand emerges from Montreal which is...
Je Suis C.O.O.L. Clothing 2012
Written by Urbansteez
je-suis-c-o-o-l-clothing-2012 COOL was started by Ian Shaw, CEO of the company and Nuwo Johnson. The brand name came about because the two felt there was a void that needed to...