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Mission Statement

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Our mission is to connect the world to the many talents flying under the radar, from independent music artist in hip hop, r&b soul, and pop, to independent fashion designers. Urbansteez Talent Magazine provides a platform for up and coming artist to showcase their talents. 


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Interviews with independent artists

Talented independent artist are everywhere from Hip Hop, R&B Soul, to Pop. Over the years we have interviewed many talented artist, some of whom have went on to become mainstream artist. We take pride in the fact that we have created the best platform for up and coming artist.


Check My Steez

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With fashion trending every year it was only right to create a platform for independent designers around the world. Urban Steez is looking for creative individuals that want to make a difference in the fashion world. We understand that fashion is a huge influence in culture, attitude, perception, and energy. We want to showcase creative fashion designers with trendsetting aspirations. We embrace talent and are open to all that meet those requirements. If interested in being featured click here.

About Us

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Urban Steez Online Talent Magazine and Community- we're open to new talents every day.

Urbansteez.com is a California based website that represents urban culture as a whole. Urban culture today is the trendsetting culture for music, fashion, art and entertainment period. What we do at Urban Steez is embrace urban culture the best way we know how by letting the world see it from our creative vision. Our focus is to expose all the creative and determined talents flying under the radar, from music artist, fashion designers, writers etc.) Moreover, our focus is not to focus on the stars of today, we rather focus on the stars of the future. UrbanSteez.com is where real people's dreams are displayed and showcased. We want to give people the opportunity to expand their fan base and get more exposure to their craft.

Check My Steez (Fashion) page is a feature provides a out let for  urban fashion designers. We design a platform which includes 8-10 of the designers best pieces, a interview and a short bio of how they got started. We look forward to featuring unknown up and coming fashions designers.

Music Box is one of our features that displays up and coming music artist with mad potential, giving each artist a chance to expand their audience. We give each unsigned artist a feature page, along with an interview, pictures, music and more. We link our audience to their personal website, twitter, facebook etc.) Creating and bringing more exposure to your craft.

Music Videos page is a collection of independent and popular music videos, and various other videos.